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Good News for Speakasian |Speakasiaonline new website

Here, Good news for Speak Asian. SpeakAsiaOnline , New website will be launched very soon.
You can see the website below link.

Hollywood News Britney Spears | Britney Spears has Debbie Gibson come to her defense

In a recent interview with ‘Spinner’ magazine, Moby commented that Britney Spears isn’t making music but rather “advertising for ringtones.”
Now, Debbie Gibson is defending the current pop princess, states PopEater. “First of all, for any artist to slam any artist, I think is wrong, because art is subjective, you know?” Gibson said about the insult.
She also thinks that Moby just shouldn’t have gone there in the first place: “That’s just somebody taking themselves way too seriously.”

Sarkozy's ex-wife Attias will be published an autobiography novel in 2012

Nicolas Sarkozy's ex-wife, Cécilia Attias, announced Monday that she will be publishing an autobiographical novel in 2012, a day after speaking candidly about her former husband for the first time in four years. 

Japanese 'K' Computer is World's most Powerful computer |2nd Chinese Computer

SAN FRANCISCO — In the rankings of the world’s most powerful supercomputers, a Japanese machine has earned the top spot with a performance that essentially laps the competition.

The computer, known as “K Computer,” is three times faster than a Chinese rival that previously held the top position, said Jack Dongarra, a professor of electrical engineering and computer science at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville who keeps the official rankings of computer performance. 

Royal Family News|Princess Diana dress sold at Toronto auction

The midnight-blue silk velvet dress designed by Victor Edelstein sold for 800,000 Canadian dollars (£510,000). Diana wore the Edwardian-inspired gown with off-the-shoulder straps while taking a memorable spin on the dance floor with Travolta during a 1985 White House state dinner.

A new Stronger Internet Security is Deployed |secure DNS or DNSSEC

A small group of Internet security specialists gathered in Singapore this week to start up a global system to make e-mail and e-commerce more secure, end the proliferation of passwords and raise the bar significantly for Internet scam artists, spies and troublemakers.

The Singapore event included an elaborate technical ceremony to create and then securely store numerical keys that will be kept in three hardened data centers there, in Zurich and in San Jose, Calif. The keys and data centers are working parts of a technology known as Secure DNS, or DNSSEC. DNS refers to the Domain Name System, which is a directory that connects names to numerical Internet addresses.
The event in Singapore capped a process that began more than a year ago and is expected to be complete after 300 so-called top-level domains have been digitally signed, around the end of the year. Before the Singapore event, 70 countries had adopted the technology, and 14 more were added as part of the event. While large countries are generally doing the technical work to include their own domains in the system, the consortium of Internet security specialists is helping smaller countries and organizations with the process.
“In the very long term it will be voice-over-I.P. that will benefit the most,” said Bill Woodcock, research director at the Packet Clearing House, a group based in Berkeley, Calif., that is assisting Icann, the Internet governance organization, in deploying Secure DNS.
the authors of the Stuxnet computer worm that was used to attack the Iranian uranium processing facility at Natanz were able to steal authentic digital certificates from Taiwanese technology companies. The certificates were used to help the worm evade digital defenses intended to block malware.
In March, Comodo, a firm that markets digital certificates, said it had been attacked by a hacker based in Iran who was trying to use the stolen documents to masquerade as companies like Google, Microsoft, Skype and Yahoo.
“At some point the trust gets diluted, and it’s just not as good as it used to be,” said Rick Lamb, the manager of Icann’s Secure DNS program.

New York Allows Same-Sex Marriage | News World | My 24News

Lawmakers voted late Friday to legalize same-sex marriage, making New York the largest state where gay and lesbian couples will be able to wed and giving the national gay-rights movement new momentum from the state where it was born.
The marriage bill, whose fate was uncertain until moments before the vote, was approved 33 to 29 in a packed but hushed Senate chamber. Four members of the Republican majority joined all but one Democrat in the Senate in supporting the measure after an intense and emotional campaign aimed at the handful of lawmakers wrestling with a decision that divided their friends, their constituents and sometimes their own homes.

Salman's special wish to Aishwarya Rai Bachhan

A congratulatory note with a special wish from Salman Khan for his ex-lover Aishwarya Rai.

Movie Reviews | Double Dhamaal review | Double Dhamaal total Collection

Director : Indra Kumar

Cast : Sanjay Dutt,Mallika Sherawat, Kangna Ranaut, Satish Kaushik, Arshad Warsi, Javed Jaffrey, Ritesh Deshmukh, Aashish Chaudhary


Day one Collection : 7.65 Cr
1st week collection :25.50 Cr

Indra Kumar’s latest excursion ‘Double Dhamaal,’ a sequel to the maiden film ‘Dhamaal (2007),’ doesn’t churn out to be a better endeavor than the four year old prequel.

Bollywood news : now Priyanka and Ranbir are good friends again| Priyanka and Ranbir friends again

Priyanka and Ranbir were more than just "good friends" (ahem) during the filming of Anjaana Anjaani, though the duo has consistently slammed all such talk citing it as mere speculation. There was much excitement when the reported twosome showed up for a five day shooting spell of Anurag Basu's Barfee.

Ranbir and Priyanka are looking forward to the bigger schedule in August 2011 when Priyanka

Actor and Electronic Engineer R. Madhavan says that "I didn’t want a 9 to 5 job! and take up engineering to satisfy my family;s protocol"

From TV to films, his career has been on a very consistent upswing. A trained electronics engineer with passions like aero modeling and skiing, communicating and public speaking, Indian actor, writer, film producer and TV host R Madhavan is making the best of both worlds - life and his profession. Living life on ones own terms and still doing what is best for everyone around him, he share’s his tips with Lata Khubchandani, on living life optimally.

Pridiction Twins for Aishwarya |Times of india says that Aish child will be baby girl

Since Amitabh Bachchan, Big B tweeted the news of Aishwarya's pregnancy, there has been a hullabaloo about the gen-next Bachchan's arrival.

monsoon photos part-1|

 Here, this photos shows that god is there in the some most awesome pics of monsoon are below pls see...

Friday, 24 June 2011

Sachin sells its Ferrari | Surat Business men buy's sachin's Ferrari

Jayesh Desai, Chairman of Raj Hans group, said he purchased the car a fortnight ago. "I have bought the 360 Modena Ferrari car directly from Sachin Tendulkar with all legal documents," , but declined to reveal the price.
"It was my dream to drive a Ferrari and now my dream has come true," Desai, who has a passion for driving luxury cars, said.
The Ferrari, which was presented to Tendulkar by racing legend Michael Schumacher, will be the first racing car in his fleet of luxury vehicles, Desai said, adding that his latest acquisition was a prized possession as it was owned by the batting great..

7.4 magnitude quake in Pacific ocean, Alaska|Major Pacific earthquake |Major Pacific earthquake warning for Alaska

A major earthquake of 7.4 magnitude struck in the Pacific Ocean more than 1,000 miles (1,600 km) west of Anchorage on Thursday, prompting a brief tsunami warning for part of the remote Aleutian Islands chain.
A tsunami warning is now in effect which includes the coastal areas of Alaska from Unimak Pass, Alaska (80 miles northeast of Dutch Harbor) to Amchitka Pass, Alaska (125 miles west of Adak)," the West Coast and Alaska Tsunami Warning Center said.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Latest News of Ram Survey | New Customer Care of Ramsurvey |Payment Request ERROR

Dear Associate, Please feel free to call us on this new number along with the old numbers.Customer Care Number-9891482432.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

India's Top Brand Infosys and TATA in new index

IT giant Infosys and salt-to-software conglomerate Tata have emerged as the Top 2 brands in India, beating global majors like Google, Nokia and Facebook, in a new index.

According to TLG''s Index of emerging market ''Thought Leaders'', seven out of the top ten brands in India were indigenous firms.

Salman's new Film Ek ThaTiger In Iraq | Tiger in Iraq

Salman Khan is pretty excited these days bcz his Ready is Super Hit and ex-flame Katrina Kaif has nothing to do with this. His film ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ is going to be the first to be shot in Iraq.

YashRaj Films had written a letter to the Iraq government few months ago requesting for permission to shoot the action sequences in the country. The government not only granted permission for shoot, they also promised security measures and chopper services from one shoot location to the other.

What will be Ash Feture Because news of Ash is Pregnant???

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is pregnant. And at the time when IIFA is on top of the mind in Toronto, Sr Bachchan’s ‘Bbuddah Hoga Terra Baap’ is all set to release and Aishwarya’s film ‘Heroine’ is on the floors, frenetic activity all over and the announcement by a proud dadaji(grandfather) to be has started creating a frenzy of speculations and stories about the pregnancy, the timing of the film among others.

But whatever the accusations may be, Amitabh is surely a prod Dada now.This ensures that they have the third generations Bachchans by birth. As Amitabh tweets and we retweet, “Amitabh and Ajitabh, first generation Bachchan... then Abhishek and Bhim and now Abhishek’s and Aishwarya's…”

Ready to enjoy a cruise along India's coastline within a year | Cruise in india's 7000km coastline

India, with its 7,000 km long coastline, is all set to introduce cruises along them within a year, an official said.

'Within a year, cruises will operate along the coast of India to match those of Royal Caribbean,' said R.H. Kwaja, secretary, tourism ministry, at a conference here.
'India already has many riverboat cruises. But we are seeing great potential along the 7,000 km plus coast line of India. Very soon we will see the first seaborne cruise along the coast of India,' Kwaja added.

Indian IPad "Sakshat" Tablet to be launch June 2011 | Only 1500 of IPad in India

It's being announced that the "Sakshat" (which sounds conspicuously dirty in Americanese), the $35 tablet codenamed 'Sakshat' is expected to launch by the end of this month.And there's nothing desi about it; the tablet is made by Canadian firm Datawind Ltd.

The7-inch touchscreen tablet features a inbuilt keyboard, video conferencing facility, multimedia content, Wi-Fi, USB port, 32GB hard drive and a 2GB RAM. There's support for Open Office, SciLab and Internet browsing.

Aishwarya is pregnant |Aishwarya is Expecting

“I am going to be a grandfather soon. Aishwarya is expecting. Thrilled and happy," Amitabh Bachchan tweeted.
Aishwarya and Abhishek tied the knot in April 2007, and unconfirmed reports of Aishwarya expecting have done the rounds since.
Ash, who often features on ‘most beautiful’ lists, has worked in several Hollywood and Bollywood films but has taken on noticeably fewer projects recently.

Nokia launches new Smart Phone N9 | Photos of N9 | Nokia's new Phone Browser

Nokia launches new smart phone N9 and also inbuilt Nokia Mobile Browser with 90% compression.

Mobile phone-maker company Nokia today announced the "beginning of a new era" for the company with the launch of four new mobile phones like Nokia N9 smart Phone, including a full-screen touch-based smartphone. "Earlier this year, we outlined a comprehensive strategy to change our course," said Stephen Elop, the president and CEO of Nokia. "Innovation is at the heart of our strategy and today we took important steps to demonstrate a new pace of innovation at Nokia. It''s the beginning of a new era for Nokia," he added. less

Nokia revealed its latest smartphone, the Nokia N9, an all-screen device that will allow user to navigate the phone by swiping on the screen. "The phone application will follow direction of the finger on the screen," Nokia Senior Vice-President, Design, Marko Ahtisaari said.

Nokia today announced its own internet browser and these phones have the Nokia browser loaded on it. "Nokia browser can compress data size up to 90 per cent. All phones to be shipped in future will Nokia browser loaded on them," Nokia Executive Vice-President, Mobile Phones, Mary McDowell said.

True story behind this photo | kissing couple during last week's Vancouver riots

Video footage has emerged showing what really happened to the infamous 'kissing couple' during last week's Vancouver riots.
The couple, identified as Australian Scott Jones, 29, and Canadian-born Alexandra Thomas, became an instant Web hit after Getty photographer Rich Lam snapped a photo of them caught up in a moment of passion as tensions flared between hockey fans.
In the video clip, riot police can be seen hitting the couple with their shields. After the incident, Miss Thomas appears distressed and lies on the ground as she is comforted by her concerned boyfriend.

Speaking with NBC’s ‘Today’ show, bartender Mr Jones said: “I was just trying to calm her down. It was pretty scary for her, and it seemed like the best thing to do.”

“I would call myself a tourist. It was Game 7, Stanley Cup finals, so something was going to happen whether we won or lost — something big. I just wanted to bear witness to what was going on. I never felt in danger while we were down there until the riot police came along.”

Environmental engineering graduate Alex added: “It happened so fast. I never expected it to turn into that situation so quickly.”

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Kumarakom: Capital of god's own country

Bollywood's Good Smartians | Bollywood Actress's Photos

Dilhi University colleges declare 2nd list; Eco, B Com closed |SRSC college

A number of sought after colleges of Delhi University closed admissions to the popular B Com (Hon) and Economics (Hons) courses for general category students today after recording admissions in excess of sanctioned seats over the last four days.

However, for OBC students seats were still available in almost all top most colleges that brought out their second cut off lists today.

Top college in India, The Sri Ram College of Commerce declared its admissions closed for both B Com and Eco honours after taking in 161 and 10 extra admissions in both these courses for the general category. For the OBC category a second cut-off list was announced at 92 to 96 per cent in B Com(H) and 92.75 to 95.75 in Eco(H).

It was amply evident that the colleges, which have come out with second lists, have indeed exercised caution and had not lowered cut-offs substantially.

Meet Miss New Jersry and California | 2011 Miss USA pagent | Miss USA

The full-time model, who was born and raised in New Jersey which she represented at the Miss Teen USA contest in 2007, was considered among the favorites by pageant experts.
She will represent the United States at the Miss Universe pageant to be held in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on Sept. 12.

Stars leave for IIFA Awards to Toranto | IIFA Awards at Toronto

IIFA is most extravagant for Bollywood stars.This year IIFA awards program will be held in  Toronto. Bollywood stars leave for IIFA Awards to Toronto.

Good News Ranbir ,Deepika good friend again.. }Deepika and Ranbir | My 24News

The latest gossip about Deepika that is doing rounds is that she claims she is still great friends with  Ranbir Kapoor.Deepika was quizzed about her relationship with Ranbir on a chat show and she commented that she still considers him as her good friend.
Deepika also added that both of them are in an amazing phase as they spend a lot of time together and it has been a wonderful experience for both.The actress also confessed that even though they are not dating now, but he has still been there for her whenever she needed him.

Europe and Asia Property market emerges from recession | global property market recover from recession

Global property investors have piled back into the sector in 2011, plunging cash into the emerging markets of Asia, stoking worries of overheating, and have chased core assets in key U.S. and European cities, causing demand to outstrip supply.

Either side of the Atlantic, uncertainty over capital adequacy-minded banks' plans to sell troubled property assets -- such as RBS'  1.6 billion pounds ($2.6 billion) project Isobel -- continue to cast a pall over recovery prospects.

First day of summer -Meaning | First Day of summer 2011 }

In the United States and the rest of the northern hemisphere, the first day of the summer season is the day of the year when the Sun is farthest north (on June 20th or 21st). This day is known as the Summer Solstice.

The declination of the Sun on the Summer Solstice is known as the tropic of cancer (23° 27'). In the southern hemisphere, winter and summer solstices are exchanged so that the Summer Solstice is the day on which the Sun is farthest south.

Doctors: The Dalt girl, girl may never be able to see from her left eye | My 24News

The Dalit girl, who was stabbed in her eyes allegedly by two youths when she resisted a rape attempt, may never be able to see from her left eye again, doctors treating her said here.

"The 14-year-old victim was stabbed in both her eyes with some sharp-edged weapon but the damage to her left eye is severe. The cornea of the left eye is totally damaged which may result in loss of eyesight, Principal of Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi Medical College Anand Swaroop said.

"When the victim was brought to the medical college here, her condition was bad. Both the eyes were bleeding and her shoulders were also injured," Swaroop said.

Total Collection of Ready |Salman's Ready collection and Download Movie

Download Movie

Ready is currently running best movie. Because of the story and climax is very good .
Total collection of 1st week (approx) Rs. 40.45 cr.
Total collection of 2nd week (approx)  Rs. 19.22 cr.
so till now total business or collection of  Ready is Rs.115 Cr (date 29/6/2011).

Scottish singer Susan Boyle story to be turned into musical

Scottish singer Susan Boyle, who shot to stardom in 2009 when her performance on a television singing contest became an internet hit, will see her life portrayed on stage in a new musical.

"I Dreamed a Dream", named after the title of the song she sang that made her an overnight celebrity, will tour internationally from 2012 after premiering at Theatre Royal in Newcastle, England, on March 23.

"I never thought my life story would end up on the stage but a lot has happened in two years and it is a very exciting prospect," Boyle said.

Total Collection of Bheja Fry -2

Total collection of Bheja Fry-2 movie which was released this Friday three day collection approximately Rs.6.5 Cr.

Moshan village ,Provice, china |floods Photos | China's flood death toll rises

China's flood  will be become a dangerous for the world. because china is  5th country in infrastructure and elctronic market in the world.
millions of people displaced due to flood.
 Flooded area in Moshan village, Zhejiang province June 19, 2011. China has mobilised troops to help with flood relief and raised its disaster alert to the highest level after days of downpours forced the evacuation of more than half a million people in central and southern provinces. Central authorities have raised the disaster alert to the highest level 4, and the government is describing the floods...

Pidilite CPAA Fashion Show | Celebs for a cause |Bollywood stars on the ramp |My 24News

Kajol,Riya sen,vivek oberio other Bollywood celebs walk the ramp at Pidilite-CPAA charity fashion show in Mumbai.

Karishma kapoor back in bollwood|Karishma to play five diff. characters in 'Dangerous Ishq'| My 24News

Karisma Kapoor's comeback film is turning out to be a film from a completely different league. Vikram Bhatt's 'Dangerous Ishq' is going to be the biggest challenge of the actress' career. Karisma will play five different roles across five different lifetimes covering various events; spanning from the ancient spiritual times to the partition of India, assassination of ex-prime minister Indira Gandhi to present day politics. Not only this she has to train herself in martial arts too.

Now, free condoms, contraceptives at your doorstep! | Gov. launch new scheme for male and fema;e contraceptive | My 24News

The government will shortly launch a scheme to make male and female contraceptives available at people's doorsteps in a major bid to boost population control efforts, Health and Family Welfare Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad said Friday.…
Accredited Social Health Activists (ASHA) volunteers would promote the use of contraceptives - both male and female - at the household level in targeted districts, he said.

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Kerala girl beated all cuts offs hands down | M.S.Shreelakshmi, student | Shri Ram Collegeof commerce

Kerala: This girl's report card beats all cut offs hands down. For M. S. Shreelakshmi, a student of Kerala Board who has applied to DU’s St Stephen’s College, no cut- off can prove to be a hurdle this year.

At a time when Shri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC) has made applicants doubt the possibility of scoring a perfect 100 in at least four subjects, Sreelakshmi’s report card is quite the shocker.

A student of commerce, she has scored full marks in all her six subjects.

In other words, even a cut- off of 100 per cent can’t stop her from qualifying to any course in any college affiliated to DU this year. She has applied to B. A. ( Honours) Economics in Stephen’s.

Happy Father's Day |Show some love, on Father's Day!

From gifting to movies to watch with dad to celebrity dads and sons, get the lowdown on all you need to know about this day.

* The history and origins of Father's Day
Take a look at the emotional journey of photographer Phillip Toledano, as he expresses his relationship with his father, through photos he took of him. Click here for the story.Need ideas for gifts? Here is your gift guide for Father's Day. Click here for the story.

* Here are some celebrity children who look strikingly like their dads. Why don't you add to the list?
On Father's Day, Baby pays loving tributes to her dad. Click here for the story.Daddy dearest needs some attention on 19 June, so why not watch one (or all) of these 12 fatherhood-themed films together.

Royal Ascot 2011 Race | Check out these hat turnes in Royal Famaliy |Funky head gear at the Royal Ascot races

A race goer wearing an ornate hat seen as she arrives for the third day, traditionally known as Ladies Day, of the Royal Ascot horse race meeting at Ascot, England, Thursday, June, 16, 2011. Ascot is celebrating its 300 years of horse racing at the Royal Racecourse, that began with Britain's Queen Anne spotting an open heath suitable for racing, the first race run in August 1711, with a prize of some 100 guineas.

Bollywood News: Poster girl spills the beans on Shruti-Siddharth

Siddharth used his entire clout to push a young actress called Nitya Menon out of a film where she was his co star… and all this so he could get in his love Shruti Haasan into the project so that they could spend a lot more time together.

 ‘Striker’ and ‘Rang De Basanti’ actor Siddharth used his entire clout to push a young actress called Nitya Menon out of a film where she was his co star… and all this so he could get in his love Shruti Haasan into the project so that they could spend a lot more time together. But then, the news did not die a slow death. The blunt Nitya decided to go public. “Shruti has replaced me in the project and it is Siddharth who wanted her in the movie and made me get out of it,” says the actress.

Nitya is the same actress who had earlier opted out of a movie herself opposite ‘Anari’ hero Venkatesh because he was “too old for her.” Ironically the name of the Shruti-Siddharth starrer produce by Raju is called ‘Oh My Friend’. Now we know why Siddharth did what he wanted to.


All is not well between Kareena and Saif | Kareena and saif 's relationship goes rough patch these days | |

The four-year-old Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan's relationship is going through a rough patch these days. Buzz has it that the couple has been fighting very frequently. First, their busy schedule is restricting them from spending time together. Kareena has four films lined up for release this year and so has no time for Saifu, who is annoyed with the fact. Plus, Saif's closeness to Deepika during the shooting of 'Aarakshan' and 'Cocktail' is causing problems between the two.

Top 10 singles in Bollywood | Top 10 young singles in bollywood

We all are always curious about what’s going on in the lives of all the Bollywood stars out there.

Who got divorced, who is in a new relationship and who is cheating on his family, all make enough fodder for the gossip hungry paparazzi. But what most do not seem to care about, are the singles, who are, rather, the happier ones of this industry.

A Father Is Someone That | Father's Day SMS and Text Messages

A Father Is Someone That
Holds Your Hand At The Fair
Makes Sure You Do What Your Mother Says
Holds Back Your Hair When You r Are Sick
Brushes That Hair When It Is Tangled Because Mother Is Too Busy
Lets You Eat Ice Cream For Breakfast
But Only When Mother Is Away
He Walks You Down The Aisle
And Tells You Everything Gonna Be Ok

Daddy, I Love You | Delightful And Loving Father | Father's Day SMS and Text Messages

Daddy, I Love You
For All That You Do.
I’ll Kiss You And Hug You
‘Cause You Love Me, Too.

You Feed Me And Need Me
To Teach You To Play,
So Smile ‘Cause I Love You
On This Father’s Day.

“Delightful And Loving,
Loved And Admired,
Dad, You’re My Hero,
My Life You’ve Inspired. And When All My Blessings
Are Counted Each Day,
I Thank God In Heaven
For Dad When I Pray. Dad Thanks For Your Presence
Throughout Thick And Thin;
You’re More Than A Parent,
You’re My Wonderful Friend.”
Happy Father Day

Happy Happy Father’s Day

Happy Happy Father’s Day
Here’s A Little Song To Say
“Happy, Happy Father’s Day”
No One’s Father Is So Sweet.
Your Kind Ways Just Can’t Be Beat.
Happy Happy Father’s Day;
I Love You In A Big Way!!

Father's Day SMS in English -Free SMS Collection

'For the best dad who always had a smile for me.
Though we may be far apart right now,
But here’s a big hug and kiss for you
To let you know how special you are
Happy Father’s Day!'

My Father Did not,
Tell Me How 2 Live,
He Lived, And Let
Me Watch Him Do It.
Happy Fathers Day

Father's Day Text message in English -Free SMS Collection

'What You Have
Inherited From
Your Father,
You Must Earn Over
Again For Yourselves,
Or It Will Not Be Yours.
~ Happy Father’s Day ~'

Dad, your guiding
hand on my shoulder
will remain with me forever.
Happy Father's Day

It is easier for a father
to have children than
for children to have a real father.
I'm glad to have u dad.

Father's Day SMS 2012 -Free SMS Collection

F= Forever With His Family
A= Always There For You No Matter What
T= The Only One Who’s There
H= He’s My Hero Till The End
E= Encouraging In Everything I Do
R= Really The Only One…
No One Can Beat Him He’s The Best!!!'

Pay My Regards To Ur Father
Who Is Tolerating Such A Dumb Duffer Child,
What A Stamina He Has Got..
I Salute Ur Father:p
Happy Father's day

Who will be next PM Rahul |46% Indians want Rahul as PM in survey

As many as 46 percent of people believe that Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi will make a better prime minister than incumbent Manmohan Singh, according to a national survey.

According to a 'Mood of the Nation' poll conducted by the news website, nearly two-thirds (61 percent) of voters want a change of government in New Delhi.

Only half that number (34 percent) still back the Manmohan Singh-led government to continue in office, it said.

'Rahul Gandhi is clearly preferred over Manmohan Singh for the position of prime minister,' it said.

'As many as 46 percent believe that Rahul Gandhi would make a better prime minister while only 34 percent think Manmohan Singh should continue.'

The LensPoll was carried out among a representative sample of about 3,800 voters across India, in 40 Lok Sabha constituencies in 14 states.

World's sexiest woman Sashi Naidoo| World's sexiest woman lives ghandian motto

Johannesburg:  South African model of Indian-origin, Sashi Naidoo, voted the world's sexiest woman of 2011 by 1.5 million readers of a leading men's magazine, lives by the Gandhian motto - "Be the change you want to see in the world."

Naidoo, 30, heads the list of the 100 sexiest women in the world in the special July supplement of the South African edition of FHM.