Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Indian Flag Pictures - Republic Day of India

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Our Indian flag is in a beautiful combination of green, white and orange. The central 24 spoked charka in navy blue is the ‘dharma charka’ or duty. This has replaced the earlier ‘charkha’ which was the natural symbol of khadi making propogated by Mahatma Gandhi. The Indian flag is a process of progress. The Indian flag was firstly unfurled as Sister Nivedita flag in 1904 at Calcutta. With a series of interesting changes, rejections and suggestions the flag finally came in being a few days before our Independence in 1947. The flag is a symbol of purity, self respect and pride of free India. This not only represents our nation in the international stage but also is a honor to the martyrs who laid their lives in retaining  our right to freedom. The flag is a symbol of respect for its countrymen and the tolerance India shows to accommodate all religions.

Republic Day of India