Friday, 3 February 2012

Bipasha Basu does a U-turn on Emraan Hashmi!

The actor who had refused to work with the ‘serial kisser’ some time ago, now claims he is a great co-star. Our heads spin…

We just don’t know what’s got into Bipasha Basu. First she refused to work with Emraan Hashmi in Jannat, saying he looked too young for her. As if Neil Nitin Mukesh didn’t look like a kid in Aa Dekhen Zara! Anyway, let’s forgive her for that. Jannat was not exactly the best film ever made in Hindi cinema, so it’s not like she missed out on anything. Next we hear Bipasha and Emraan’s names in the same sentence, it is when the cast of Raaz 3 is announced. Bipasha claimed that she changed her mind because she now feels the two of them will look good together, as “Today I look younger than I looked then.” Ahem.

What’s got us scratching our heads this time around is her latest tweet. The shoot for Raaz 3has begun and Bips posted on the microblogging site Twitter, “Emraan is a fab actor n accomodating costar!Every action hs an effective reaction!Very happy with ourwork!” So from being the guy she won’t look good with, Emraan has now become a fabulous actor? And that’s just after a couple of days’ shoot? Wow. Maybe after Players’ colossal flop, she is hoping she can generate enough interest to make Raaz 3 a hit. Such are the ways of the Bollywood world.

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