Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Bipasha in the song ‘Bipasha’ from ‘Jodi Breakers’

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Bipasha Basu's song from ‘Jodi Breakers’

While Bipasha Basu’s ‘red bikini look’ still remains fresh in our minds, we get to see the very sensuous Bips, yet again, graciously grooving to a number from her upcoming flick, Jodi Breakers.

Well, the song titled ‘Bipasha’, has the sexy bombshell, showing off her curvy figure, in a shimmery outfit. The song says that Bipasha is willing to teach us the ‘pyaar ki bhasha’.

‘Jodi Breakers’ will see Bips teaming up with Madhavan. The jodi is super fresh and the flick, from its teasers, looks fun.

The film is slated to release in February, this year.